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Wesleyan University Senior Voices 2014

Wesleyan’s Baccalaureate Ceremony

Saturday, May 24

6:00 p.m.

Memorial Chapel

With Seniors, Families & Friends

Listen as your peers share some of their unique and transformative

moments from their years at Wesleyan.

Professor Sarah Mahurin,


Visiting Professor of English,

Wesleyan University


Senior Reflections by:

Megan Cash ’14, Prince Carter ’14, Joshua Krugman ’14

Congratulations on graduation!  Now that you are on to the next phase of your life, we are here to let you know what account access changes are in store: 

What Stays the Same –

·         You retain your Wesleyan.edu account and it will stay on Google as long as we continue to use their services.  You may continue to use your Gmail and Google Drive space.

·         Alums now have access to full text scholarly journals through JSTOR and Project Muse.  For alumni access to these databases, login to your WesConnect account, then select Resources and Help > Library Resources


What Changes – 


Should you need support regarding your account or alum access, please refer to the Alumni Helpdesk.  They are there to help you with your support needs in your new status as a Wes alum.

 June 15, 2014

Wireless Access changes

·         Your wireless network access changes to WesGuest (unless you are continuing on in a staff capacity or Graduate student here at Wes.  If so, your access would adjust with your new role.  If you will still be at Wesleyan in another capacity and lose any of the access mentioned above, please open an incident at http://service.wesleyan.edu.

Lynda.com access ends

·         Lynda.com access will no longer work through your Wesleyan login.  However, Lynda.com will transfer your Wesleyan LyndaCampus usage history to a new Consumer membership.  You may do this by contacting Lynda.com at support@lynda.com

Library database access ends

VPN access ends


Note on Research: occasionally there are individuals who are neither continuing studies at Wesleyan nor formally employed, however are doing ongoing research that requires extended access.  If you need this access, I again refer you to create an incident at service.wesleyan.edu.  Please include the faculty for whom you are working and for how long you need to retain your access. 

July 31, 2014

WesFiles Access ends

·         WesFiles is NOT available after July 31.  You must download and move any data you wish to keep prior to this date.  As of August 15, your files will be purged from the system and will no longer be recoverable. 

·         If you require an extension, please submit an incident via http://service.wesleyan.edu, provide your username and be sure to provide the date you are requesting to retain access.  You must do this prior to July 31


Please understand that data purged from WesFiles is not recoverable and act on this accordingly.

 Best of luck to you! 


Karen Warren


To:  The Senior Class

From:  Michael McAlear, Marshal of the Faculty

Subj:  Instructions for Commencement


Congratulations – Commencement is just a few days away.


Diploma pick-up will be held on Friday, May 23rd between 10 A.M. and 5 P.M. at the Registrar’s Office in North College.  You must have a photo i.d.  When you get your “real” diploma, you will also be given a number – REMEMBER YOUR NUMBER!!!  The number determines (alphabetically) where you will stand in line for the Commencement procession. Tell your friends and relatives your number; there is a map that will show them which aisle you will walk down before you take your seats.


Please report promptly to the top of Foss Hill on Sunday morning, May 25th by 10:00 A.M. You will be lined up in alphabetical order in 5 groups around the observatory. Look for numbered signs every 75 feet or so, for example:


Group # 1

# 1- 50  Aaron to Bernstein                  

# 51 – 100  Bessey to Carter etc.


The number you were given will tell you where to line up. At each group sign there will be a faculty assistant marshal who will hand you a card (with your name and number on it). Keep the card, and follow the instructions on it! It will assist you in lining up correctly and as a control (for alphabetical order) as you line up to receive your diploma covers. Your name will not be read out during the ceremony without a card.


The procession will begin promptly at 10:45a.m., moving down Foss Hill to Wyllys Avenue. When the first of the faculty reach the bottom of the hill, the faculty ranks will divide to create an aisle of honor through which you will march two-by-two. Follow your marshal down the hill and enjoy the professorial applause – job well done!


Once down the hill, continue to follow your faculty marshal towards the library, proceeding through the large tent. Different groups will split and proceed up different aisles for simultaneous seating. Return to a single file, and alphabetic/numeric order to take your seats.


You will be awarded your degrees after the conferring of the graduate degrees. Ruth Weissman, Provost of the College, will intone the formula:  “Mr. President, I have the honor to present these 730+ candidates to receive at your hand Wesleyan’s degree of Bachelor of Arts.”  You will then all stand while the president confers the degree, ending with the words: “In testimony of your achievement, I am pleased and proud to present your diplomas.”


Guided by the faculty assistant marshals, the seniors will then file up to the platform in alphabetical order to receive the diploma cover and a warm presidential handshake. As you go up the stairs to the platform, you will hand your card to the faculty marshals stationed there. He or she and Dean Melendez will then confirm that you are in order and make sure it is your name that is proclaimed as you file past the president. Follow the marshals to return to your seats. 


The tossing of caps occurs after the Fight Song. At the end of the ceremony, only the platform party and faculty will form the recessional. Stay in your seats until they have exited, and then join in the reception on the front lawn.


In the unlikely event of inclement weather, the ceremony will be held under the big tent on Andrus field. There will be an announcement made by email to that effect by Saturday afternoon. In this case there will be no procession. Please report to the tent by 10 A.M. There will be numbered signs in the tent with faculty marshals standing nearby handing out numbered cards. After getting your card, go directly to your seat.


If you arrive late and have no card, you may still be able to have your name read. Place yourself alphabetically in the line and as you file up to the platform, tell your name to the faculty marshal at the bottom of the steps. He or she may be able to find your card and insert you into the list (No guarantees!).


Have a wonderful week and graduation.


Michael A. McAlear

Faculty Marshal

Associate Professor

Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Dept.


See full size image 


Important Information Regarding Diploma Distribution on May 23


In order to receive your diploma your Student Account must be in good standing (i.e. April bill paid in full, etc.).  You may check on the status of your account at anytime by clicking on “Student Account Center” in the “Financial Information” section of your student portfolio. Payment(s) can be made by e-check through the “Student Account Center” or “E-Bill” link in your student portfolio, paper check made payable to “Wesleyan University” or by cash in person at the Student Accounts Office. 

Graduate Liberal Studies Info Session: Earn a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from Wesleyan!

Tuesday May 13 at 5:00pm



Current Wesleyan seniors are invited to learn more about the opportunity of choosing Wesleyan for continued study at the graduate level. The program features small classes with Wesleyan faculty, and flexible evening and immersion course schedules that allow students to go to graduate school even as they enter the work force. Staff will be on hand to talk about the program’s curriculum and requirements, financial aid and application process. Students interested in attending should RSVP to masters@wesleyan.edu – space is limited.


Undergraduates who cannot attend the Open House are welcome to call 860.685.2900 to make an appointment or to speak with Admissions staff. Or just stop by our office at 74 Wyllys Avenue to get more information.

Location: At 7pm on May 7th at Eclectic (200 High Street, Middletown, CT)

There will be an open conversation among the Wesleyan community and tribal communities about repatriation, especially because of Wesleyan’s complicated history. This is particularly true among founding members of these societies and the university at large. There will be a panel discussion following the opening. Panelists will include local tribal community members. The exhibit will also be displayed from May 9th-September 2014 in Olin Library. 


The Native American Property Rights Class

 Cesar Chavez, Sarah Chrystler, Abbey Rae Francis, Chelsie Green, Yadira Ochoa, and Professor Honor Keeler


Sunday, May 4
Olson Commons
Facebook Event

Exhibition: Sense Impressions: Experiencing Art Through Interactivity

On View:  Thursday, April 24, 2014, 12-6 pm ONE DAY ONLY

Live Performance: Thursday, April 24, 2014, 12-1 pm

Admission: Free & Open to the Public

Location:    Wesleyan University

                    Davidson Art Center, 2nd Floor

                    301 High Street, Middletown, Connecticut


Exhibition and performance curated by Wesleyan University student Sophie Becker explores audience participation in art through works by Miles Cornwall, Angus Macdonald, Torie White, Jackie Soro and Yatta Zoker. Sense Impressions, a one-day exhibition and performance event taking place on Thursday, April 24, 2014 with performances from 12pm to 1pm, includes works that utilize audio, video, visual art, and performance to explore what it means to interact with a viewer, giving a broad way of looking at different methods of artist-viewer connection. This exhibition tackles themes of the brutality in honesty, traces left behind, and the duality between the natural and the synthetic. Sense Impressions celebrates immersing the viewer into an artistic experience through the incorporation and engagement of the senses.


Situating the performances and exhibition in the second floor of the Wesleyan Davidson Art Center brings this presentation into the context of an art space and places it in a building whose abandoned ambiance wills audience members to enter and explore. The artists will be, for the most part, together in one space, allowing not only for the viewer to interact with the works, but for the different works to play off of each other.


This exhibition and performance is the culmination of an independent study project on the History of Exhibitions and Curatorial Practices with Professor Liena Vayzman in the Wesleyan Department of Art and Art History, with the support of Davison Art Center and Curator Clare Rogan.

Information sessions about the Federal and Wesleyan student loans you borrowed while at Wesleyan will be:

Thursday, May 1, 2014: 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Thursday, May 1, 2014: 3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014: 3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

All sessions will be held in Exley Science Center 150 (Tishler Hall).

These informational sessions are designed to provide you with repayment information for federal and institutional loans you may have borrowed while at Wesleyan.  Information on debt management, budget management, and default prevention, will also be presented at each session.  Representatives from the offices of Student Accounts and Financial Aid will be available to address your questions.


At the session, you will also receive your loan exit packet.  The packet contains a list of all the loans you have borrowed while at Wesleyan and instructions for completing mandatory Federal Stafford, Perkins and/or Wesleyan Loan exit counseling.  If you cannot attend, your packet will be mailed to your campus address.  All exit interview materials must be completed by Friday, May 16,2014.  It is university policy to withhold both the diploma and official transcripts for any student who does not complete  mandated loan exit counseling.

Please mark your calendar and plan on attending one of these sessions.  Note that the sessions are NOT “drop-in” presentations; you should be there from the start in order to avail yourself of the information presented. 

Please contact any of the individuals listed below for any questions or concerns OR if you believe you have not received any loans while at Wesleyan OR if you have paid off your loans!



Jacqueline Outlaw                       Hrissi Haldezos                                Margaret Neale

Associate Director                       Associate Director                           Department Assistant

Office of Financial Aid                           Office of Student Accounts            Office of Financial Aid

(860) 685-3320                                     (860) 685-2823                                (860) 685-2862

joutlaw@wesleyan.edu                           hhaldezos@wesleyan.edu                 mneale@wesleyan.edu

Please log in to the Senior Online Name Recorder website at sonar.wesleyan.eduWhether you participate or not in Commencement you must visit the website.


If you will be participating in Commencement, you need to record the pronunciation of your name as you would like it to be read during the ceremony on May 25.  If you will not be participating in Commencement, you need to log in to let us know that as well. 


To begin, please note the following:


  • The online name recorder will NOT work with a mobile phone. It requires a MAC OR PC computer with built-in microphone input.  Make sure that your computer is not muted and that the volume is turned up.
  • Some newer versions of Google Chrome may have a problem with playing back the recording. 
  • If you have issues with your computer, there are two auxiliary computers with these microphones for your use, one at the info desk in Usdan and one at the student help desk in Exley.



If you will be attending, please record your name exactly as your family and you will want to hear it read. If you dislike your middle name, and it will not offend anyone in your family to omit it, you may do so. If you have additional middle names that are not in our official records, they can be read. If you are a “Jr.,” you can decide whether you want that included. Just remember that Commencement is a formal occasion, and should be respected as such. 


There is space on the website for you to leave a note for the faculty members who will read the names, such as phonetic hints if you have a name that may be challenging for them to pronounce.  If you are adding a name(s) that is not in the Registrar’s records, please be sure to pronounce it very distinctly.


Do NOT record your name in a space with a lot of background noise


The deadline for name recording is 12:00 noon on Friday, May 2, which will give the faculty name-readers time to rehearse and to get back to you if they have questions as to the pronunciation of your name.


If you have questions or problems, please contact Kirby Hawkes at khawkes@wesleyan.edu.

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