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Apply to work for the full academic year or only during New Student Orientation Help new students plan their academic schedules and work with their advisors during Orientation week Act as a resource during course registration Participate in First Year Matters programming Direct students to Wesleyan’s full range of academic resources   Application deadline is […]

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The Deans’ Office is looking for talented and motivated students to become SARN Peer Advisors for New Student Orientation (NSO), 2012. NSO Peer Advisors are juniors, seniors and exceptional sophomores, who work throughout orientation to support Wesleyan’s faculty advising program, and enhance student access to academic resources through the Student Academic Resource Network (SARN).  A […]

I think I can speak for quite a few people when I say this has been a hard semester. I myself can say quite honestly that after the October Break/Blackout fiasco, I lost a whole lot of my drive. However this is not the time to let the malaise of the semester get to you. […]

(Article from peer advisor blog) If you want to be a pro at Pre-Registration (the planning time happening now through Monday at 5pm), you’re going to have to do some research on the players–sorry, courses–you want and talk over your picks with your parents, friends, peer advisors (!), faculty advisor (or any professor you’ve liked). […]

The Deans’ Office Peer Tutoring Program is available to any student experiencing difficulty with content and material in his/her course(s).  This program is not a substitute for TA sessions, Math Workshop, Writing Workshop, or visiting your professors’ office hours.  Nor is it a source of language/conversation partnership.  If you are having difficulty understanding course content […]

Important Information about GEN ED, APs, majors, summer experiences and more…….. Gen Ed Expectation:  There are no distribution requirements at Wesleyan but students are encouraged to explore the curriculum and their study of program.  Gen Ed is divided into 2 Stages.  In Stage 1, to be completed by the end of sophomore year, you are […]

Gabrielle is a prospective music major from Brooklyn, NY, and an Argus staff writer.  This summer she was an editorial intern at AM New York and the Fader.  Aside from the usual intern busy work, she had the opportunity to write for both publications.   She also tutored high school students for their SATs.  As a […]

SARN Peer Advising Program The SARN Peer Advising Program provides students with a well-informed resource about the curriculum and course registration, as well as academic resource referrals, beginning with New Student Orientation and continuing throughout the year. The Program is coordinated through the Student Academic Resources Network (SARN). It will help prepare students for their […]

Shirin Sulaiman ssulaiman@wesleyan.edu – Fauver/200 Church Street Laurel Dezieck ldezieck@wesleyan.edu – Fauver Ryan Smith rcsmith@wesleyan.edu – Nicolson/Westco Morgan Hamil chamill@wesleyan.edu – Butterfield C Alyssa Bogdanow abogdanow@wesleyan.edu – Butterfield A/B Ellen Bartolini ebartolini@wesleyan.edu  – Clark Hall For more information, check out the blog: http://www.wesleyan.edu/deans/peeradvising/

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