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Bicycle Security

Because of the rise in value of the average bicycle in recent years and the increase of bikes on campus, there has been an increase in the number of bikes stolen on campus.  Most bikes that have been taken are either unsecured or secured with a cable lock which is easily cut.  If you bring […]

Campus life brings a sense of independence for most students.  This includes class schedules, social events, dorm life, student clubs and organizations and jobs.  Amidst these many changes however, students sometimes forget about personal safety.  Campuses appear protected because you are surrounded by your peers and relatively insulated from the surrounding community.  It is extremely […]

Bringing a Vehicle to Campus

All students must register their vehicles. Student lots are located in several locations and require a student parking sticker for all or part of an academic year. Public Safety enforces parking rules and regulations by ticketing, immobilizing and towing. Please obey all parking rules and regulations. (Copies of parking regulations are available at Public Safety […]

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