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Monthly Archive for September, 2013

Please join us for a special   Re-Entry Reception   for returning study abroaders     Tuesday, September 10 12:00 – 1:00 pm   South College, B2/B3 (There will be snacks!)       Carolyn Sorkin, Director of International Studies, will run an interactive session designed to help you reflect on what you learned and […]

  Semester ASTR430.01 Astronomical Pedagogy Hughes,Meredith …W… 12:10PM-01:00PM, Loc:VVO110 0.25 Semester CHEM307.01 Mole Biophys Journal Club I Olson,Rich …W… 01:10PM-03:00PM, Loc:SCIE92 0.50 Semester CHEM385.01 Advanced Biochemistry Pratt,Rex F. ..T…. 03:30PM-05:00PM, Loc:HALL52 0.50 Semester CSPL493.01 Internship Winston,Krishna R. TBA 0.25 Semester DANC202.01 Ballet I Beaman,Patricia L. ..T.R.. 04:30PM-06:00PM, Loc:TST001 0.50 Semester DANC211.01 Modern Dance I Alejandro,Pedro […]

As you may remember, a Writing Mentor is a writing tutor who works steadily with a student for a full semester. Students like the arrangement because it feels private, and the mentor and student often develop a close working relationship.   The deadline for students to apply for a mentor is Thursday, September 12th, at noon.   […]

There’s an exciting new possibility for Wesleyan students, undergrads and grads.  Huffington Post, one of the most significant news aggregators and blogs on the internet, has selected 10 universities and colleges (and Wesleyan is one) for a new publishing program for students.  As they put it to us: “Whether it be a thesis project on […]

Dear community, I am writing to inform you about the existence of the Campus Climate Log (an anti-bias reporting system) located at http://www.wesleyan.edu/studentaffairs/wellbeing/climatelog/submitform.html and to encourage you to use it as a tool for reporting and documenting your experiences, and advertizing social justice programs. You may only access the Campus Climate Log and view its content if […]

Interested in getting $25,000 to pursue your dream project in countries outside the U.S.?   Apply for the Watson Fellowship!   Three-page proposal is due September 13 at noon to Dean Brown’s Office, 202 North College.   See Wes Watson Fellowship and Watson Foundation for more info.

The Career Center’s meeting with the Senior Class will be held on: Tuesday, September 3rd | 7pm | Tishler Hall   Friday, September 6th | 12:30pm | Tishler Hall ALL Seniors should attend one of the two meetings. *Senior Meeting is required for those who want to participate in the Career Center’s on-campus recruiting program […]

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